Current Research Projects

The current focus of my research is cyberinfrastructure, information retrieval, knowledge extraction and management, and data mining, both for public and private small and big data for information resources with a particular interest in scholarly big data. Our application domain has primarily been the Web and Internet with a focus on academic, scientific and government information, data, and documents.  I am also interested in automated methods for developing and designing cyberinfrastructure (also known as e-science) for academic research and related areas. This has led to research in various aspects of social networks and how they facilitate information access. Other interests are knowledge aggregation and architectures.

My recent research and scholarly interests are listed below:

Past research and scholarly areas which are still of interest:

Brief Descriptions of Some New and Old Projects:

I have an interest in machine learning, pattern recognition, text mining, information extraction and retrieval, and artificial intelligence, especially as applied to the topics above. I like to use existing methods and develop new methods for novel automated applications in handling and extracting knowledge and information from massive data sets, temporal data, multimedia, etc. My past work has focused on the role of memory in learning and theoretical models of knowledge representation and capture, learning and intelligent multiagent systems, and applications of intelligent systems to computing and computer systems, finance, and signal processing.