IST 512: Information Processing Architecture and Technology

Instructor: C. Lee Giles

Location and Time:


Tuesday: 11:15 AM - 2:15 PM, IST 210.

Lee Giles office hrs at IST 311A:  Tuesday 2:30-3:30 PM, Wednesday 1:30-2:30 PM or by appointment.


Premise of the Course:


This lecture and project based course is an introduction to  the core theories, concepts, and methods regarding Information and Technology from an information processing point of view, with emphases on information processing architecture and technology at the infrastructure layer and the middleware layer.  For semantic and theoretical grounding, the course will be given a digital library focus.





25 points

Project & Report

30 points

Research Presentation

25 points


20 points



Prerequisites: Prior understanding of the fundamentals of information sciences such as databases, discrete mathematics, programming, algorithms and statistics is greatly encouraged but not necessary.



This schedule is subject to change. Please check it on a regular basis for assignments. Some classes will have online handouts. It is the studentís responsibility to download that material.


Course Materials and References:

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