Date Topic covered Assignments
10-Jan Introduction to Information Systems Syllabus, discussion of class
Chapter 1, "Information Science and Systems," Robert Allen
17-Jan Digital Libraries as an Information System Chapter 7, Information Services and Repositories
Digital Library Architectures
24-Jan Digital Objects
31-Jan Metadata Web Metadata Standards: Observations and Prescriptions
A. Gilliland-Swetland, Introduction to Metadata: Setting the Stage, 2000.
C. Lagoze, "Keeping Dublin Core Simple: Cross Domain Discovery or Resource Description?," D-Lib Magazine, 7 (1), 2001.
7-Feb Web and internet technologies Ch 2, Basic WWW Technologies, "Modeling the Internet and Web", Pierre Baldi, Paolo Frasconi, Padhraic Smyth
Project proposals
14-Feb Web Services, Metadata Harvesting
Research topics
Exercise 1
21-Feb Introduction to Social Networks
Here read the following short topics: What is it? History, Graph Theory, Matrices,
Graphs and Matrices, Ego Networks, Centrality and Diffusion, Cohesive Subgroups
28-Feb Indexing and searching Ch 5, Efficiency, "Information Retrieval," David Grossman, Ophir Frieder
Ch 4.1-4.3, Text Analysis, "Modeling the Internet and Web", Pierre Baldi, Paolo Frasconi, Padhraic Smyth
7-Mar No Class - Spring break
14-Mar Graphs as Infrastructure - Web Ch 3, Web Graphs, "Modeling the Internet and Web," Pierre Baldi, Paolo Frasconi, Padhraic Smyth
Exercise 1 due
21-Mar Citation Analysis and references
E. Garfield, "Citation Indexes for Science," Science, 1995.
S. Brin, L. Page, "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine,"
28-Mar Review for exam
4-Apr Exam
11-Apr Research topic presentations
18-Apr Project presentations
25-Apr Project presentations