Summary and Questions Description IST 501


At the beginning of every class students will turn in hardcopies of the following:

1). A brief page with your full name on it that gives three interesting research questions raised by the material covered.

2). At least a full two page document before class that summarizes the required readings. The summary should address important issues covered and insights gained and attempt to both critique and tie together the readings. The summary is not meant to be exhaustive but should briefly cover major issues. The format used will be ACM short paper format; please strictly adher to its format.

The title is up to you. A brief abstract and keywords are required plus your name. The conclusions at the end should put all of what you've written into a consistent idea.  References should be included.


Please keep in mind issues of plagiarism. A useful discussion can be found here:

I strongly suggest you take this online test for plagiarism.

You must write your summaries in your own words, not copying from others, unless properly quoting material.

Goal of this exercise:

The goal is to be prepare you for writing papers in a succinct, dense style appropriate to academic publications. You may want to create your own notes from discussions during class.

Writing resources:

Finally, you may want to take advantage of the graduate writing center in 111-L Kern building and on the web at

a writing tutor, or a writing class. Please feel to  contact me for  any additional  information.