Class Participation: IST 441

Class participation is a measure of your contributions to the course and a means to assess your intellectual engagement with the issues and materials in the course. Participation means:

  • contributing to class discussion in class,
  • active participation in your class project,
  • contributing outside material and events to the class,
  • other forms of action that showcase your personal mastery of the material and issues that this course covers.
  • Participation also accrues across the semester, and not just at the end. Participation is not the same as air or floor time. The quality of insight is more important than the quantity of insight/contributions. Class participation accumulates with each class through discussion and interaction.

    For every class, please come prepared to discuss something new you have discovered in the information retrieval and search engine world. This can be a new search engine, new information available, digital libraries, news, etc.

    Attendance is mandatory; please see the instructor for absence.

    For any clarification, please ask the instructor.