Lee Giles gratefully acknowledges the many online resources used in this course. In particular he would very much like to acknowledge the use of online presentation material from the following scholars.

Peter Andras, Newcastle
Tom Backstrom, Helsinki University of Technology
Yoshua Bengio, Montreal
Connelly Barnes, Virginia
Dhruv Batra, Georgia Tech
Costas Busch, RPI

John Canny, Berkeley
Arron Courville, Montreal
Ivo Danihelka, Google
Harry Foundalis, Indiana
Guy Golan, IDC Herzliya
Ian Goodfellow, Google
Alex Graves, Toronto
Nitish Gupta, Illinois

Frank Hoffmann, Royal Institute of Technology
Justin Johnson, Stanford

Sosuke Kobayashi, Preferred Networks
Hung-yi Lee, National Taiwan
Fei-Fei Li, Stanford
Yingyu Liang, Wisconsin
Tom Mitchell, CMU
D. Miller
Ray Mooney, Texas
Alex Ororbia, RIT
Paolo Parjanian, USC

Yun Peng, UMBC

Shreya Rajpal, Illinois
Sargur Srihari, Buffalo
Serena Young, Stanford
Qinglong Wang, McGill
Greg Wayne, DeepMind
Jason Weston, Facebook