Course Project IST 512


This project counts 30% of your grade. The breakdown is as follows.


    * Project implementation - 15%

    * Report - 10%

    * Presentations - 5% (both will be graded)


In this project, you will either use existing software and systems to design and implement a novel system and application related to this course or you will do a study of issues and systems related theories and models related to this course. Examples of projects would be to develop a new feature for the Fedora middleware for digital libraries.


To complete this project, you need to do the following:


* Submit a comprehensive final report not more than 10 pages that discusses your project and how it works. The design and implementation should be discussed in detail. If code is created, that code should be a supplement to report. Appendices can be used where appropriate.


* If appropriate give a demo of the project and provide a demo to the instructor.




* Present an introductory presentation on project to be covered. The project should be motivated. Why is this a good project for this course? How hard will is it to do? Why is it different from what else has been done?

* For the final presentation discussing the project, discuss what was discovered. A live demonstration of the project should be performed.


Both of your presentations must be professionally prepared in powerpoint and well organized. Hard copies must precede each presentation.




One professional quality hard copy of the report is due by Friday of the last week of classes. The report must be a hard copy to get full credit.